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Moonraker Manure

Composted Manure

  • Slightly alkali to counter soil acidity
  • Very low ammonia level indicating a stable product
  • An organic manure fertilizer for soil improvement
  • For soil incorporation instead of a mulch layer
  • Ideal for kitchen gardens
  • Improvement of soils for new gardens, building site areas and neglected areas
  • Rich in organic matter for soil structure and moisture retention on light or stony soils
  • Aids drainage on heavy soils
  • Encourages worm and microbial activity



Meteor Mulch

Composted manure with wood chips incorporating composted bark and leaf mulch

  • Same details as above
  • Weed suppressant when used as a layered mulch
  • Aids moisture retention
  • Will encourage earthworm activity
  • Good levels of phosphate and potash which will be gradually incorporated into the soil with rainfall and worm activity
  • Useful range of trace elements
  • Not recommended for a media for seeds or seedlings due to particle size


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Komit Kompost

A general purpose compost containing composted manure blended with peat, mushroom compost and coir with washed sharp sand to aid drainage and workability

A moss peat free blend is also available

  • Good levels of phosphate and potash for that important early growth
  • Very low ammonia level indicating a stable product
  • Useful range of trace elements


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Lunar Lawn Dressing

A blend of composted manure, worm casts, peat and sharp sand

  • Good levels of phosphate and potash for root development and sward improvement
  • General improvement of general purpose lawns
  • Can be mixed with seed for worn patch regeneration
  • Not suitable if cylinder mowers are used due to sand content


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Cosmic Chippings

Composted wood chips, bark and leaf mulch

Straight Woodchip for pathways and play areas

  • Can be used as a mulch without the composted manure element
  • Also for use in play areas to provide a safe surface under swings and climbing frames
  • Useful for garden pathways and between raised beds


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Sonic Soil

Graded Top Soil enhanced with composted manure

  • For topping up existing beds, low spots or filling raised beds


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