Komit Kompost
Natural Products
Locally Produced
The Komit Kompost Cow



General information

  • The manure undergoes a high temperature aerobic composting process to de-odorize and sterilize the material
  • It is then left to stabilize and mature before it is blended with the various materials that go to make up the different products
  • This process takes several weeks
  • The woodchip that is blended to produce mulch is obtained from local tree surgeons and other available sources.


Our processes produce products that:

  • Are free of unpleasant odours
  • Have no artificial additives
  • Will improve heavy soils
  • Will enrich poor soils
  • Are free of pathogens and weed seeds
  • Have a high manurial value
  • Are free from aminopyralid *

* Aminopyralid

In 2008, allotment holders and vegetable growers across the country began to report that crops were failing or becoming deformed following the use of manure. The problem was found to be linked to a new herbicide, aminopyralid, a hormone weedkiller spray being used by some farmers.
We have had several conversations and inquiries regarding this. The manure we use in our processes has not been contaminated with this chemical because we have not used the spray on this farm. We can assure customers that our products can be used with confidence and that they will not contaminate soil or plants.
Customers need to know where their supplies come from and be able to verify the processes that are used to produce the products they use. A local supplier who is at the end of the phone can be an invaluable reassurance to customers.

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