Komit Kompost
Natural Products Locally Produced


Andrew Mitchell runs Komit Kompost, with his wife Trish as company secretary, as a diversification to the core business of farming 200 beef cattle and a flock of sheep.

Andrew Trish and Andy
Andrew, Trish and Andy.

The aim is to produce products originating from the farm animal that can be delivered with whatever degree of service the customers require.

With the use of farm staff and machinery the materials are made for local delivery to householders, who either garden themselves or employ a gardener, landscapers, builders or anyone with an interest in improving their property.

Recently, through investing in concrete flooring within the existing buildings we are now able keep production under cover. This produces a more consistent product.

tractor filling  a bulk bag
Filling a Bulk Bag.

With a larger trailer that can carry up to six big bags we have been able also to improve delivery efficiency, with the continued option of a small trailer for difficult access. Tractor and loader delivery of bulk bags is also possible.

These efficiencies along with increasing orders through word of mouth and a good level of repeat orders from existing customers have enabled us to keep prices competitive.

tractor loading bulk bags
Loading bulk bags for delivery.

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